A1 All Clear has more than 30 years’ experience in drainage installation and pipe repairs and we are happy to take on any repairs whether large or small.

In today’s market we are fortunate enough to have no-dig repair methods like lining, however, drainage lining isn’t always an option when a drain has subsided or collapsed. If this is the case an excavation will then be implemented to uncover and repair the damaged section.

What happens if my drain is collapsed under my house?

If we find you have a collapsed drain under your property we will always look for the least disruptive and costly options. This could mean diverting or altering the drain, either way we will always look to problem solve and find the best option for you.

Our repair teams are fully trained and accredited to national standards in street works and confined spaces allowing us to work in public highways and in deep excavation where steel shuttering trench supports are installed, ensuring all works are conducted in a safe working environment.

We also have the ability to work in excavations where tidal water and ground water are present. In these conditions we are able to set up and install specialist de-watering equipment to pump away ground water and successfully repair the pipe.


We can repair or install

  • Storm or foul drains
  • Domestic commercial and industrial drainage systems
  • Gullies and ACO drains
  • Soak-away systems
  • PPIC chambers, manholes and concrete chambers
  • Septic tanks and cess pits
  • Pump chambers
  • Petrol, grease and silt interceptors
  • Storm or foul drains
  • Ant flood valves and hydro breaks