Patch lining is one of the most popular methods of lining repairs, ideal for isolated areas of a drain.

No-dig patch lining provides a quick and cost-effective method of repair where an excavation may once have been required. Patch repairs are ideal for repairing structural defects such as open leaking joint, fractures or partial collapse pipes or rooted pipe joints.

We first begin by mixing the resin and hardener, which is then applied to a fibreglass matting. The patch is then fitted onto an inflatable packer and is sent down the pipe the defective area.

Once in place, the packer is inflated and the patch compressed to the wall of the pipe, filling the defect with resin. Once cured, the packer is deflated and removed from the drain, leaving the patch liner formed to the pipe.

With a short curing time a patch liner can be completed in less than an hour!