Over the last 30 years, A1 All Clear have been the approved contractor for many insurance companies and claims handling groups, working to service level agreement, schedules and providing confidence and ease to our policyholder on site.

From the initial unblock/CCTV we provide a full, comprehensive report and recommendations allowing the insurance company to make a decision on your claim.

Once repairs have been approved we will then deploy one of our repair teams to complete the repairs, restoring full flow to your drainage system.

Is my drain cover under an insurance claim?

This really depends on what we find. If the blockage was found to be misuse i.e. grease, wipes or other foreign objects that are not meant to be there then this would not be covered.

However, if damage to your pipe is caused by ground movement, vehicle pressure, escape of water or root ingress then this would usually be covered under accidental damage, which a lot of insurance companies are happy to cover.

unblocking drain