Over the last 30 years our installation team has been involved with many challenging and bespoke projects for domestic and commercial customer.

We have installed grease interceptors for pubs and restaurants, pump chambers where a gravity drain has not been achievable, civil drainage for building development and septic tanks and soak-away systems for non-local authority sewer systems.

If you have a project you would like us to undertake we have the experience and resources to deal with any installation. Our engineers are trained in using plant machinery and working in challenging situations where health and safety is paramount.

See some of our projects below.

Septic tank and lineal soak-away drain (Wales)

Low-profile septic tank installed in North Wales for one of our insurance customers.

We decommissioned the old brick tank and relocated the new tank 10 metres away in the field.

septic tank installation

Soak away

Lineal soak-away drain installed using pre-wrapped perforated pipe.

soak away drainage pipe

Pump Chamber

Twin-rigged pump chamber and high level alarm system.

pump chamber

Land Drain System

Land drain/retention system installed for customer who was experiencing a problem with ground water in his basement swimming pool. Prior to the works we installed a dewatering system to stabilise the water table allowing us to install our land drain/retention system using 140 soak-away crates. This proved successful in retaining the groundwater which was finally pumped to a culvert in the rear land.

soak away drainage

Pump Chamber

Dewatering system and 3,000-litre pump chamber installed discharging to culvert 50 metres away.

drain work north west

Septic Tank

Balmoral septic tank installed to replace old brick tank at the front of the property.

septic tank installation

Hydro Break Chamber

Hydro-break chamber for housing development in Liverpool.