Based on a coastal town we have more than 30 years experience overcoming groundwater problems for our clients in the construction industry and for our own utility project.

We can offer you anything from pump hire and delivery to a full-scale dewatering setup including design, mobilisation and installation.

We are happy to provide our service for small installation such as pipe repairs and large installation including civil and construction projects.

What is dewatering?

Dewatering is a system used to remove unwanted groundwater during excavation and construction projects. Groundwater is sucked up through the ground through well-point filters leaving the subsoil in place only removing clean water.

Utilising dewatering techniques we are able to turn impossible working conditions into a safe and stable environment-allowing task to be completed safely without delays.


You may require dewatering for the following tasks:

  • Civil engineering projects
  • Construction projects installing foundations
  • Constructing basements, car parks and underground rooms
  • Constructing swimming pools
  • Excavating to repair or install utility pipes such as drains, cables and pipes

Over Pumping

For emergency flooding we are able to mobilise and install over-pumping systems to remove unwanted floodwater from point A to B preventing damage and health risks.